"Grace" - 30 x 42cm framed original illustration
"Grace" - 30 x 42cm framed original illustration
"Grace" - 30 x 42cm framed original illustration
"Grace" - 30 x 42cm framed original illustration
"Grace" - 30 x 42cm framed original illustration
"Grace" - 30 x 42cm framed original illustration
"Grace" - 30 x 42cm framed original illustration

"Grace" - 30 x 42cm framed original illustration

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To be aware of someone’s or somethings flaws and see beyond them – to see the flaws as an asset that makes someone or something perfect. A perfect imperfection is a flaw that is so perfect that it no longer appears as a flaw.

This collection of illustrations showcases a variety of fallen gum leaves foraged with my daughters while out bush walking over late summer. This time spent with my girls often provides new inspiration and motivation to take back into the studio. Their innocent eyes find the most beautiful details in the simplest things. I find this feeds my child like soul where I constantly look for the beauty in everyone and everything no matter the circumstances. I knew these timeless adventures with my girls needed to be captured in a visual art form.

We set off for our usual Sunday walk where we would search for native flowers and leaves to bring home and make rustic floral arrangements together. Grace and Ivy began collecting dried gum leaves and shared their delight and admiration in their unique form and colour palette. Straight away their passion for these fallen leaves invited me to look closer. As we marvelled at the varying imperfections and speckled colours, I immediately wanted to take them back to the studio to draw them. I then tasked the girls to find a handful of special leaves that they saw the most beauty in. We laid them out on the drawing table before the girls proudly displayed their own leaves in a line to show off their colour palettes and form. Their ability to balance both of these aspects inspired me to do the same. We spent some time together re-arranging our collection of leaves into different layouts to illustrate.

During this time, I shared my passion for admiring an individual’s unique characteristics and comparing the leaves to humans. Specifically, that we all go through challenging times that can leave scars or highlight our imperfections. However, it is how we work through these struggles that make those imperfections reminders of our strength and courage. This is the beauty I see when looking closely at these fallen and discarded leaves. Completely unique and ever changing as they age and go through the process, becoming more beautiful in their depth of detail. We must remember that our scars are just perfect imperfections unique to us, adding to our story.

Each artwork signifies the beauty and purity in the simple imperfections that make us unique. The colour palettes are earthy capturing the spirit and freedom of the Australian bush. The placement of the leaves are free flowing, laying among one another in company highlighting their natural form and state in which they are found. I envisage these illustrations will deliver a sense of reassurance to their collector that everything has beauty, you just have to look closer. We all need to take the time to admire our own perfect imperfections, something I continue to teach my beautiful daughters daily.
Framed polychrome illustration on smooth water colour paper.
Colours may appear different on various screens and devices. For best indication of colour refer to the artwork graphic.
185gsm smooth hot pressed paper.
The 50 x 62cm raw Tasmanian oak frame is made-to-order by my expert local framer. It has a sleek box finish with a narrow 2cm profile and a depth of 3cm off the wall. The artwork is set behind a 8cm subtly textured white mat board for a high-end gallery feel. Your art will arrive ready to hang with a standard gallery D-hook.
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