If you happen to live in the Tatiara I can highly recommend Cat Kite Creations. If you do not live nearby please read on so you can pass on framing recommendations to your own local framer.



Framing is really a personal choice and ultimately you can choose whatever is going to suit your home and style. I have provided details below of how I frame for myself and for photo shoots so you can replicate this look if that is what you fancy.

Timber: I like a skinny pale timber like Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak. I use a 12 x 40 mm profile for larger frames and 12 x 30 mm profile for smaller frames.

Matting: I personally have all my fine art paper prints and original illustrations framed with matting, as I like the way the art looks being set with a gallery style finish. All of my art is printed with a 3 cm white border which makes both framing option with or with out matting possible. 

Glass: I highly recommend you spend the extra and choose a non-reflective glass so no matter where your art is hung there will be no light and shadow reflections.

Other features: I like to have my artwork set back from the glass with a mat board spacer. It gives the artwork a 'boxed' look which has a high-end feel. To achieve this look, ask your framer to adhere the artwork to the backing board to stop it buckling.

Canvas frames: I personally have all my canvas prints and original canvas paintings set in a floating box frame. I love the way the shadow edge adds a depth dimension to the artwork. This style is also very much an on trend look which has a high-end feel. The frame is a premium blonde hard wood Tasmanian oak. It has a sleek narrow 10 mm profile with a generous depth of 50 mm off the wall. Always ask for your canvas frame to be ready to hang with a standard gallery D-hook.



All of my fine art paper prints will fit into ready-made frames. This includes A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0. These frame sizes are quite popular and I've had luck finding nice styles at Target, Kmart, Ikea, Spotlight and Officeworks. Your local framer might even have ready-made frames in these sizes.

Please take extra special care when framing artwork yourself. My fine art paper prints should only be handled by outer edges and not be touched on the front at all. Even the slightest touch can leave a scuff mark or fingerprint on your artwork so only remove from the packaging when it's ready to go straight into a frame.