Artist Statement

My art is me and I want you to be able to get to know me better so you can experience my art from a place of deeper connection and understanding. I create from two sides of me. One that loves structure, discipline and realism, and the other that is expressive, soulful, sensitive to my natural surrounds and deeply emotional.
For me, sometimes being a creative is so exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I’m learning to find balance with this ebb and flow of energy in the studio and feeling empowered by it rather than restricted by it. Creating is me, my art is me. This swirl of energy is powerful and learning to lean into it, to sit with it has been the best experience. I am filled with pure joy that I can share more with you as I can give more of myself as an artist to my collectors. This is so important to me and my creative energy.
Living and working on a sheep and cattle property in rural South Australia, I am constantly inspired by all things from the Australian country lifestyle. Working through the seasons has brought an understanding and appreciation of change and cycles. The flow of the changing colours and energies inspires my seasonal collections. The bold yet calming Australian landscapes, unique native flora and country lifestyle are at the heart of my artwork.
Kimberly Jane Art, grew from a love of Australian native plants. I set out to create artwork that would enhance your living space with calming and earthy botanical and nature inspired pieces. Over the journey, I expanded into creating rural inspired artwork and later landscape paintings.

I still love to create botanical illustrations that capture the intricate detail and structure of the subject. This work is disciplined and realistic. These artworks are scattered throughout my annual exhibitions and at the foundation of my art practice. Then, there is my work that is expressive and emotive inspired by the other side of me. There is a burning desire to express onto canvas what I see and feel when I stand before a breathtaking landscape. I want to share the colour palettes, textures, shapes and energies that I experience. This work is soulful and expressive.

 Always though, at the core of each artwork comes a sense of peace and home, from me to you.
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