About Artist

Born and raised in South Australia on a cropping and livestock property, the country lifestyle has been an influential part of my upbringing. My love and admiration of nature is a big part of who I am and what brings me the most happiness. I see the diverse Australian landscape both as a whole and the finer details. I am constantly attracted to the colour palettes of the ever changing landscape from season to season. This motivates me to explore the wilderness and rural land with a creative and playful eye, inspiring so much of my creative process.

I enjoy the many aspects of working and living on a rural property with my family. We spend most weekends exploring our surrounds by bush walking and foraging for unique wild flowers with a camera in hand. It is such a blessing being able to share my interests and vision with my two wildly creative daughters who support my work with such enthusiasm.

I am a self taught artist with an evolving artistic style that is very representative of my personality. I am both a perfectionist and a romantic. I love structure and routine yet thrive when exploring new places and forming deeper connections. This is the same for my different art styles. My realistic and detailed illustrations represent my love of structure and routine while my more expressive paintings that showcase colour and shape is reflective of my romantic side. This gives me the freedom to fulfill and share both these creative curiosities of mine.

My beautiful home studio provides all the natural light and positive energy I need to create art throughout the year. The large south facing window overlooks a downward sloping hill of sprawling gum trees. At the bottom is a natural water course that floods in the wet season showcasing a blanket of blue as it reflects the sky. I am very passionate about starting most mornings with a walk to begin my day with intention. This crisp and quiet time provides me with inspiration and a desire to create from a pure frame of mind.

I'm so thankful to call what I do "work" as it never feels like work to me. I've learnt to embrace the creative process and give it as much care and attention as the artwork itself.